About The Engineer

Almost Truths:

  • I am almost old.
  • I am an almost worldly South African.
  • I almost have a degree in English Literature.
  • I can almost fit into these jeans I presumptuously bought a size too small last year.
  • I’ve had an almost normal upbringing.
  • I am almost completely happy.
  • I am almost done with my first children’s book.
  • I am almost sure that despite what people say about ‘almost’ not counting, it almost does, some of half of the time.
  • I have never been on a real train.
  • I am a writer.

Complete Truths:

I like iced green tea and strong creamy coffee. I read books and write short stories in metric form. I like silence. I like rowdy. I like the quiet of the mind at work. I take pictures of my feet in different cities. I play games according to rules that can be broken. I like cupcakes. I want to share a kiss on a moving train and a building rooftop and a busy street corner. I want to learn how to fly. I like people who know how to cry, especially when. I believe tears are a gift and I don’t believe they should be spent on the same things too often. I like black and white film and I listen to music older than my parents. I dream a lot. I drink red wine and fake champagne. My favorite color is water. My favorite feeling is candle light. I believe in peace. I believe in magic. I believe the stars carry the souls of our true potential. If you can boil a kettle and have an imagination, if you can speak reflectively and listen stereophonically, if you can accompany me to the theater every now and again and be amazed… I will love you every now… and every again… forever. ♥


5 thoughts on “About The Engineer”

  1. Your eyes are almost as beautiful as your soul. And your lips.. I would kiss them on a runaway train.

  2. “I like iced green tea and strong creamy coffee. I read books and write short stories in metric form. I like silence.” — amen to that.

  3. Yes, nice eyes, nice facial features in general. But, what am I saying here?:P Nice sense of humor. I almost like all of the varied photos above…and then I almost do not like most of them almost:P Metric form? I am unfamiliar. I don’t like rowdy unless it’s two people in the privacy of their “bedroom”:P If I have taken a pic of my feet, it was an accident. How is water a color??:P Are you a Pisces or Sagittarius by chance? We have similar romantic and silly thoughts. But, I am not big on poetry. I fell out with it long ago. Even if i still write the occasional haiku or limerick:P Hi.

    • Oh my, I’m almost afraid. So many questions and faces and tongues. Metric Form… I can’t remember but I’m sure it made sense when I wrote it… Structured and British maybe? I’m a Virgo and what I mean by the “colour of water” is the colour it reflects, which is every colour placed before it in light. I like that you’ve found a bit of yourself in my introduction.
      Thank you? You’re almost too much. Thanks for stopping by. 😉

      • She’s sure it made sense when she wrote it:P hehe So, you’re not sure what it means?

        So, your favorite color is a prismatic/rainbow spectrum…like a Gemini would favor. A Virgo?….rats. Oh, I am sure I am too much:P

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