When I first arrived in China in August 2016, WordPress as I knew it was inaccessible. Along with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Of course, with the help of a VPN, one can access said sites but this too was proving too much of a hassle. A little bit of pent up frustration led me to Pinterest.

I was already using the site for weight-loss motivation and self loathing, baby room ideas, wedding planning, tips on how to get a boyfriend, tips on how to meet people, tips on how to stay friends with people you’ve met… I had about sixty three boards, what was one more?

I started a board dedicated to my life in China. The main reason was so that my mother could see me on the internet and think I was cool. My mother was also the only person who re-pinned my posts. Things were going great. Every now and again I’d fight my way through the wall, wander through Facebook and Instagram, leave a few footprints and then go back to Pinterest for the important stuff.

That was until last week when Kelley  Brooke, my roommate, asked from across the hall if the internet was working and if I could access Pinterest. I couldn’t. China had taken away our last lifeline. We were devastated. Okay, we were a little sad. We’d been using Pinterest for recipe ideas and workouts and motivational quotes to caption our corny selfies on WeChat. How were we going to pass the time now?

Needless to say I am very happy to announce that for some odd reason I am in no position to question, WORDPRESS is back up and running. Thank you internet gods.

Look forward to a hundred and two posts about life in China and other stuff that revolves around my life in China.